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The neobank for SMEs and freelancers

The modern solution to run your company's finances efficiently, from everyday banking to bookkeeping.

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“Qonto is 100% in tune with what we do at a user-friendly service, a user-centric interface and a very responsive customer support.”

Jean-Charles Samuelian, CEO @Alan

“Everything was so complicated with my traditional bank, I couldn't stand it anymore! Long live Qonto: a simple high-quality service unlike any other.”

Nicolas Bustamante, CEO @Doctrine

“What I like about Qonto is its simplicity and flexibility of use!”

Clémentine Moreau, Office Admin @Heetch

“That's just perfect - It rocks baby! Every startup should use Qonto.”

Oussama Ammar, Founder @The Family

“I regret that we did not use Qonto sooner: it would have saved us a lot of time with our accountants and our banks! We could have focused on what matters most to us: our users' experience. I can't wait to tackle our 2018 financial closure!”

David Benzaken, co-Founder @Side

“Having a real-time tool, simplifying the accounting in the same time is just perfect!”

Xavérine de Becdelièvre, Office Admin @Tanker

“Qonto provides us the flexibility and efficiency we needed for our day-to-day use.”

Nicolas Brien, Managing Director @France Digitale

“Our case was a bit particular, but the Qonto team was available and responsive to walk us through every step. We are delighted to be able to use the service. Thank you Qonto!”

Yacine Ghalim, Principal @Sunstone

“With Qonto, no more accounting hassle! The receipt attachment directly in the app is a tremendous time-saver.”

Clément Rouch, CEO @Marmelade (Station F)

“Qonto met my needs straight away, unlike traditional banks. Customer care is awesome! Period.”

Rafaël De Lavergne, Founder @Totem

“Qonto is so awesome that I talk about it with everybody!”

Adrien Dupuy, CEO @Plato

“I love Qonto; in the end, startups finally got a banking service in line with startups needs. The interface is super clean, with the possibility to create payment cards in seconds. This is life changer!”

Dwayne Iserief, Founder @Uptale (Station F)

“Qonto excels where all other banks failed us: make everyday banking easy and painless. It saves us hours every week that we can now spend focusing on our business. Icing on the cake, it's really fun to use!”

Julien Berthomier, CEO @Station

“Qonto is awesome! A clear and intuitive interface, a huge time-saver with the receipt attachment directly in the app, and smart dashboards to keep track of your cash management in a glance. What's not to like?”

Sandro Munda, CEO @Forest

“Our team is always on-the-go and that's where Qonto makes a big difference: 100% online with a modern and user-friendly UI.”

Christophe Lassuyt, Founder @Moneytis (Y Combinator 2016)

“Qonto definitely made a huge change in the Fintech industry! SMEs finally have the service they deserve: quick, flexible and simple. Once I make a payment, I take a photo of the receipt and upload it in the app, that's just perfect!”

Romain Dardour, COO/CPO @Hull

“Qonto's mission is 100% aligned with ours: making life easier for freelancers. On our side, we are thrilled with the service: an account opening in 5 minutes, simple and easy!”

Anastasia Cowez, CFO @Comet

“Qonto definitely changed our everyday life! We created cards in seconds for our team members, whether virtual or physical. It is so simple compared to a traditional bank!”

Sébastien d’Ornano, Executive chairman @Yomoni

Better than a bank!

Qonto provides the same financial tools as traditional banks, but is smarter and easier to manage finances and accounting, for freelancers and teams.

Better than a bank!

Qonto provides the same financial tools as traditional banks, but is smarter and easier to manage finances and accounting, for freelancers and teams.

French IBAN

With a FR prefix, thus accepted for all payments.


Transfers in 18 currencies, simple or batch transfers. SEPA direct debits.


Physical or virtual cards manageable online for purchases online and in stores

Accounting made easy

Auto categorization, automated VAT calculation and unlimited history

In real-time

Real-time balance update and notifications

Transparent pricing

No hidden charges or bad surprises: a simple and clear pricing

Responsive support

30 minutes average response time for all inquiries

Safe funds

Safe funds on a escrow account. We can't touch them!

For all company types and associations

Available for all company types (SAS/SASU, SARL/EURL, SC) and independents (micro-entreprises, licensed professionals), as well as associations with a SIREN.

For freelancers

100% online. Open your account in 5 minutes. €9/month (excl. VAT)

1 current account with French IBAN

1 smart Mastercard card

Modern tools to run your everyday banking efficiently

Accounting made easy

On web browsers and mobile apps

For teams

Manage your team expenses and your accounting easily.

Physical and virtual Mastercards

Specific access/rights by users

Smart dashboards and cashflow monitoring


History exportable, ready for accounting

For registering companies

Online share capital deposit and certificate of deposit emailed to you within 72 hrs.

Capital deposit

Deposit certificate within 72h

French IBAN and cards

Cashflow and accounting tools

For freelancers or teams

Your finances on auto-pilot

With Qonto, admin hassle are over! Unlimited history, auto-categorised transactions, simplified transfers entries, budgets, history exportable for accounting... and the list goes on!

Save time

  • Intuitive process and simple interface

  • Online and paperless

  • Real-time notifications

Monitor your expenses, for freelancers and teams

  • Specific access/rights by users

  • Physical and virtual Mastercards with adjustable payment limits

  • Dashboards to follow-up on your expenses

Make accounting easier

  • Unlimited history

  • Read-only access for your accountant.

  • Plug-and-play exports for accounting tools


Integration with accounting softwares

Qonto is supported by more than 30 accounting softwares. Fetching your statements has never been so easy!

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